Sexual Assault Awareness Month

For 10 years, Sexual Assault Awareness Month has raised awareness and encouraged people to take action to prevent sexualized violence. SAAM is rooted in student leadership and activism, and events are put on by different UBC groups including clubs,
student associations and support services.

As we come together to do this work on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Sylix (Okanagan) peoples, we recognize that sexualized violence is systemic and rooted in colonialism. We strive to eliminate this violence on a cultural,
institutional, and personal level.

Key Events

UNC 200 (Ballroom)

Breakfast for a Cause: Support Survivors of Sexual Violence during SAAM

Take Action during SAAM by joining SVPRO and Elizabeth Fry Society for breakfast. The waitlist for trauma counselling at EFRY is 6 months. All donations for this event will go to providing more counselling sessions for survivors.

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SAAM Breakfast Registration

The Fipke Foyer

Clothesline Project

Join us to transform ordinary t-shirts into a message, raising awareness of sexual violence. We encourage folks to drop by the Fipke Foyer to decorate and paint messages. We will display the t-shirts throughout the month!

UNC 334

SAAMbassador (Volunteer) Training

Do you want to volunteer for SAAM and table throughout the month to bring awareness around sexual violence? Student volunteers, leaders, and allies will gain practical tools on preventing and responding to sexual violence in a volunteer role and setting. Some topics covered include: responding to disclosures of sexual violence; and challenging harmful comments and behaviours by being an active bystander and anti-violence ally.

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ADM 026

Cats Against CatCalls, a Come Back class

The Equity Ambassadors present an interactive workshop to practice comebacks against sexist microagressions.

UNC 337 Lounge

Art Hive (Denim Day Themed)

Join us at the Art Hive to decorate, design denim in support of Denim Day.


Denim Day

Wear your Denim. Denim Day is about raising awareness and protesting against erroneous beliefs and myths about sexual assault. This day was created due to the ruling by the Italian Supreme Court in 1992 where a rape conviction was overturned because the victim was wearing very tight jeans, thereby implying consent. The next day, women who worked in Parliament showed up wearing jeans in solidarity with the survivor. In 2008, the Italian Supreme court finally overturned it. Jeans is no alibi. It doesn’t matter what you wear. No means No. We invite all of you to come to school, work wearing Denim to show your support for survivors of sexual violence.

LIB 306

UBCOSPC – Consent & Communication

This peer-organized, discussion-based workshop will focus on the topics of consent, communication, and boundaries. Join us for conversations around what consent means, how to navigate ongoing consent, methods of establishing your own boundaries, and being comfortable with communication about sex.

UNC 200

40% Unfounded Cases: from Awareness to Action

Aden Wither’s experience with the RCMP is not an outlier. Her report is among the 5,000 cases of sexual assaults that are closed by police every year. Join us for a panel discussion with Aden and community activists moderated by CBC Host, Alya Ramadan, to explore how we bring about structural change and explore accountability.
This event is brought to you in partnership with The Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society. Appetizers and refreshments provided following the panel.
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Tickets by donation

UNC 200

SC17 Policy Consultation and Townhall

UBC’s policy on sexualized violence is being reviewed and revised, and the consultation period is underway. Join your Equity and Inclusion Office and SVPRO to learn about UBC’s policy and the proposed changes and have your say!

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Feedback can be provided via email at or through a confidential survey.

COM 311

Responding to Disclosures Training (for TA’s)

Join Shirin Abtahie, Advisor, of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office to learn and practice the first steps of dealing with disclosures of sexual violence. It begins by listening, upholding confidentiality, asking what they need, respecting their decisions and empathizing. Drawing on relevant case scenarios, staff will learn the difference between disclosure and reporting, how to support, and how to refer someone affected by sexual violence. Participants will also discuss the “do’s and don’ts of responding to disclosures, your role and responsibility and the principle pillars of the Independent Investigations Office. Lastly, we will talk about how to practice self-care after being exposed to trauma.

LIB 306


This peer-organized, discussion-based workshop that will focus on the topics of consent and communication within BDSM. We will cover an introduction to what BDSM is, as well as ways of having healthy communication and boundaries within BDSM relationships.

Find a SAAM Event

SAAM events are a collaboration among different campus partners with the goal of growing our awareness into action.

Everyone has a responsibility learn about sexual violence. We must begin to take action against sexual violence and the structures and norms that support it. Every action, however small, is an important part of cultural change. It’s up to all
of us to build a culture of accountability, together.

The SAAM toolkit for students, faculty and staff

The SAAM media toolkit includes content for student, faculty and staff partners to use in email, social media, presentations and in posters.
Download the SAAM toolkit (4.07Mb)

We believe you

Colouring Book

This colouring book for survivors and allies was created by Shiayli Toni, a 4th year Varsity athlete with the UBC Women’s Ice Hockey team, majoring in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ). Shiayli also works as a Student Educator at UBC Vancouver’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO), contributing her creative talents and leadership to campaigns, workshops, events, and resources for survivors and allies.
Download the book

Contact us

Contact SVPRO to learn more about SAAM or get involved in creating a culture of accountability. We also support students, faculty and staff who have experienced sexual violence. We can help you explore your options.

SVPRO will be closed Wed, Dec 25 to Fri, Jan 1



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